Animals around Fukushima power plant are still alive

If you don’t know about animals left in Fukushima evacuation area, please read following entry.
[Urgent] Animals are dying for hunger within 20km from Fukushia Daiich Plant

This video is taken on May 2nd. 2011.
Inside this evacuation area, thousands of farm animals and pet animals were left behind when their owner had to evacuate on middle of March. Since then, most of them were not fed any food and water and dead for hunger.
However, still some of them are alive, because public workers of Fukushima prefecture and volunteer vets fed them when they get into evacuation area for research purpose.
Little pigs in this video was born after the evacuation, but mother pig is too thin to give piglets enough milk.
21 out of 22 breeding pigs are still alive, in a farm in the video, since their owner kept feeding even after the stronger incoming restriction was applied on 4/22.
On the other hand, on the same day, 28 houses were allowed to evacuate from the area for a historical shrine rituals called “Souma-Nomaoi”: under restrictions that these houses are not used to monitor radiation level or killed for meet.
They got screening check before leaving the evacuation area, and their radiation level was ZERO.
Veterinarian Dr. Imamoto is trying to save these surviving animals.
His final message to the Japanese government was
“Give vets opportunity to contribute save animals, save livestock industry in this area by saving precious breeding animals. ”
Representatives of Fukushima prefecture and some of assembly members are working hard to save them, but government’s decision for saving these surviving animals is not made yet.
Please send your voice to petition site, or animal welfare groups!
care2 : Please Save Fukushima Farm Animals
PETA: Ask Japan to Provide Aid to Disaster-Affected Animals!
care2 : Please Save Fukushima Farm Animals

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