Petit’s health record 7/20~21/2008

Record period : 8:00 7/20/2008 ~ 23:59 7/21/2008
room temp. 21~23 centigrade
humidity 50%

What she ate
8:00 7/20 to 8:00 7/21

  • Broccoli stalk ~ 100g
  • green lettuce a bunch
  • carrot 50g
  • parsley 3 stalk
  • Purina HF pellets 12g
  • hay
  • Orange juice with royal jelly 15ml
  • water (with lactobacillus powder) 30g by syringe
  • critical care 30ml by syringe

8:00 7/21 to 23:59 7/21

  • 10:00 critical care 15ml
  • 12:00 Broccoli stalk ~ 15g
  • 2:00 critical care 5ml, water 5ml
  • 15:00 green lettuce a bunch
  • 17:00 critical care 10ml, water 10ml, Broccoli stalk ~ 20g
  • 23:00 critical care 15ml, syringe water 10ml
  • Orange juice with royal jelly 15ml

We are trying to shift her diet from watery vegetable to hay and pellets. She did sticky white urine today (7/21) which may come from too much calcium rich vegetable.
One large concern is, she doesn’t drink water by herself. Once she finish vegetable she eat hay and pellets, but never drink water over 8 hours.
8:00 7/20 to 8:00 7/21

  • hard feces 27g, diameter ~7mm
  • cecum feces N/A (she ate all)
  • no loose feces

The amount is bigger than yesterday, I guess, because I feed critical care…
8:00 7/21 to 23:59 7/21

  • hard feces 12g+, diameter 7 ~8mm
  • cecum feces N/A (she ate all)
  • no loose feces

Feces stopped until 18:00.
8:00 7/20 to 8:00 7/21

  • amount N/A (at least 7~8 spots)
  • color no color, pale yellow

8:00 am 7/21 to 23:59 7/21

  • amount 3 spots
  • color no color, pale yellow

Urine stopped until 18:30. The first urine she did after long termination was white, sticky urine.
overall impression
She seems to be regaining her power. Her strength to flee from us at syringe feeding is getting stronger everyday. However, she is still far from to be “stand-alone”, can be worse easily if we don’t take care of her.
In the past three days we saw same problem, she stops defecation and urination from morning to evening. Even if she eat hay and broccoli stalk on midnight (1:00 am ~3:00 am), nothing come out. I think this is not normal, since other bunnies are doing them in this period.
Today, I continuously gave some food from 8:00 to 17:00, but nothing come out. Finally I gave broccoli stalk again, then she did some faces and large spot of urine.
I don’t know why she need watery vegetable to do faces and urine, why critical care and water don’t trigger them. She eats hay and pellets without any drop of water, and we know soon or later she may have difficulty of urination if she eat them alone (so that we have to give syringe water and eventually watery vegetables).
We want to shift her diet to pellets-base from vegetables, one reason is to shift less calcium diet and the other is nutrition in vegetables. It’s not easy to give enough nutrition by raw vegetables…


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