Petit’s health record 7/19/2008

Record period : 6:00 am 7/19/2008 ~ 8:00 am 7/20/2008
room temp. 21~23 centigrade
humidity 50%

What she ate

  • Broccoli stalk ~ 30g
  • large kale leaf 3
  • green lettuce a bunch
  • carrot 50g
  • carrot top a bunch
  • parsley 3 stalk
  • Purina HF pellets 7g
  • hay
  • Orange juice with royal jelly 15ml
  • water (with lactobacillus powder) 30g by syringe

She ate hay more than yesterday. We expected she defecates when she eat hay (she used to did it at hay box), but she didn’t. I don’t know why, but somehow she feel a need to defecate only when she eat watery vegetables rather than hay.
When she finish vegetables, defecate stops after a few hours and urination stops within 4~5 hours (even though she is continuously eating hay) . On 7/20 she finished her vegetable ~3:00 am and we didn’t see any feces until 8:00 am.

  • hard feces 19g, diameter ~7mm
  • cecum feces N/A (she ate all)
  • no loose feces

She did a few feces with white powder(see last fig in “photos”). She stopped to defecate from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (7/19), and the first feces she did after long blank was the white feces. After a few drops, her feces became normal.
I gave a syringe of water at morning of 7/19, and this water contained lactobacillus powder. It could be a residue of the powder, or calcium.

  • amount N/A (at least 7~8 spots)
  • color no color, pale yellow

She urinated smoothly as yesterday, but stopped it from 1:00 pm to evening on 7/19. She urinates only when she eat watery vegetables (e.g. broccoli stalk) or drink orange juice. I gave a syringe of water, but it didn’t work well.
overall impression
She seems to be gaining physical strength. Her legs are stronger than yesterday, her back is a little smoother and I feel materials between skin and bones. On the other hand, her rapid increase of appetite on fresh vegetable causes my small concern about her liver, since she started to do hiccough when we touched on her back. I guess this is a kind of autonomic impulse to stimulate liver, but in other words, her liver might be tired for huge amount of vegetables she had never had in her life.
I didn’t feed critical care until the noon of 7/20. She was gradually shifting her appetite towards hay so that I didn’t want to disturb her own will. However, she stopped to do feces and urine again from 3:00 am on 7/20. At 8:30 am, I gave daily medicine and water(pure water, not written in the above list), but it didn’t work. As yesterday, she was eating hay continuously, but nothing came out.
At 10:00 am, I gave another broccoli stalk and a leaf of kale, then she urinated at two spots. No feces came out.
On 12:00 pm, I gave 15ml of critical care and 20ml of orange juice, and finally her GI system started to move. One hour later, she did a spot of urine and over 10 drops of feces, then started to eat a few grains of bunny pellets.
It seems she still needs critical care for a while, at least until she can defecate by hay and drink water by herself.


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