[Urgent] Animals are dying for hunger within 20km from Fukushia Daiich Plant

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Dear animal lovers in all over the world,
On 22nd April 2011, Government of Japan started more stronger restrictions around the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Getting into within 20km from the power plant without permission is now illegal, even though many farm animals and stray house pets are still alive.
Until 22nd April, many animal rescue groups and vets were trying to save their lives and let them survive until government’s rescue comes.
This new restriction will be applied on these animal rescue activities too, while dwellers are allowed to go home to pick up their stuffs and pets (only one person per family with limited hours and opportunity — obviously not enough for caring farm animals).
Government started discussion for evacuation of farm animals living outside of the 20km circle.
However, for within 20km restricted area, they still hesitate to save animals or giving euthanasia as an ultimate alternative choice against starvation.
With no food and water supply, all surviving animals in this area have single future, cruel death for hunger.
updated on 4/24:
Fukushima prefecture announced that they will start to euthanize very weakened animals within the evacuation area if their owners give permission for it. They also start sanitization for dead animals.
NHK World News “Abandoned farm animals”
No rescue plan is announced yet.
updated on 5/6
Some assembly members are trying to save abandoned animals, yet government’s decision comes.

Please let your friends know the fact.
Please send your voice to animal welfare group in your country and let them make announcement for Japanese government.

Disaster, threat of life are NOT finished, STILL ONGOING for animals !
Most of animals are already dead, but some of them are still fighting against their destiny — the fact that government of Japan abandoned their life.
Following videos and pictures show dead animals and surviving animals near by Fukushima Daiichi power plant.
These surviving animals are already on their edge of life — we have very limited time to save them.
Pictures and videos are taken by Dr. Imamoto who is working hard to find a better solution for them.
If you can read Japanese, please read his blog, too.
CAUTION — following videos and pictures contain dead animals !

CAUTION — next video contains very shocking scene!

[Dead hens laid eggs until their death]
[It’s believed that pigs do cannibalism, but most of them didn’t do it]
[A pig escaped from livestock barn]
[Stray dog with a dog collar]
[Cows on Apr. 16]
Dead – 45
Very weak – 4
Surviving – 27 (includes weakened)
The next link is written in Japanese only, but contains some photos.
updated on 5/6:
More video in NEWS
Animals around Fukushima power plant are still alive

Thank you for your help,

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