Petit’s health record 7/21~22/2008

Record period : 00:00 7/22/2008 ~ 23:59 7/22/2008
room temp. 21~23 centigrade
humidity 50%

Time record

  • 1:00 new hay, she ate a lot
  • 2:00 critical care 15ml
  • 3:00 a bunch of lettuce
  • 5:00 first urine after 6 hours termination, finished lettuce, feces
  • 6:15 critical care 12ml, raspberry, celery, finished Purina HF pellets (15g) > added new pellets 14g
  • 9:30 found large urine spots in litter box, eating hay, pellets, no feces from 6:15. Total amount of faces from 17:00 7/21 is 34g
  • 10:30 new urine spots (2), critical care 10ml, 5ml orange juice, medicine, put another 15ml orange juice in dish
  • 12:00 finished orange juice, ate pellets
  • 15:00 a little feces, ate pellets(6g)
  • 16:00 small black feces. We tried “qi” on her, then she did cecum feces, after that hard feces became bigger and she started to eat hay.
  • 16:30 broccoli stalk, raspberry
  • 18:30 large faces (~9mm), new urine spot, ate pellets well
  • 20:00 eat hay well, did feces well, finished pellets(14g from 9:30). Added new pellets 15g then she immediately came to dish.
  • 21:30 urine spot in litter box, gave new hay. She ate hay a lot.
  • 22:00 syringe water + orange juice (1:1) 6ml, gave another water + orange juice mix (1:1) 20ml with dish
  • 23:59 finished water + OJ. She looks thirsty, but didn’t drink water by herself. Gave syringe water 5ml+. Total amount of faces from 9:30 is 41g, typical size is 9mm.

overall impression
She started to eat hay and pellets as normal pace. Typical size of faces is now 9ml, a little smaller than her best condition. Her muscle has more power than before. She also showed her best relax pose, lay face-up with flump down sound. She does it when she is comfortable.
It seems like everything is going better, except for water. She still doesn’t drink water by herself, and she hates syringe water as well. She refuses to swallow full of water in her mouth, even if she is thirsty. I don’t want to give too much orange juice to her (I guess it’s too sweet for bunnies), but by now we have no choice to give her OJ or watery vegetables when she stops to urinate over 6 hours.
I don’t know how can we let her remember the taste of water…


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