Petit’s health record 7/18/2008

Today is the third day from Petit’s 5-hours surgery.
Click “more” to see her appetite record.

Record period : 1:00 pm 7/18/2008 ~ 6:00 am 7/19/2008
What she ate

  • Broccoli stalk ~ 50g (she didn’t show interest to broccoli flower)
  • large kale leaf 1
  • green lettuce leaves 2
  • carrot 30g
  • cat grass 1bunch
  • Purina HF pellets 10g
  • hay (ate hard stalks rather than leaves)
  • Orange juice with royal jelly 15ml
  • water 0g

She ate quite a lot of vegetables. The appetite she showed was bigger than at her normal condition.
It’s seems like she is trying to regain her power as quickly as possible.
She used to big hay eater(sometime she ate hay even if she had a piece of carrot beside), but currently her preference is on vegetables. She ate hay a little, but choose hard stalks rather than nutritious leaves. This behavior is commonly observed on our other bunnies (Ethel, Los, Mango) after surgery, they start to eat from nonnutritious hay-stalks and then gradually shifts to more nutritious part or bunny pellets.
She didn’t show any interest to water. This is largest concern by now especially once she start to eat bunny pellets more.

  • hard feces 22g, diameter ~7mm
  • cecum feces N/A (she ate all)
  • loose feces a little, a few times

The amount and shape of feces are much better than before operation. We saw a few loose feces but it returned to normal soon.

  • amount N/A (at least 7~8 spots)
  • color no color, pale yellow

She urinated smoothly. We couldn’t measure the amount, but it’s quite a lot. There were 7~8 spots on training pad. (may be she did more on existing spots)
overall impression
She looks good, in fact, looks better than the third day after first spay operation (6/18/2008).
She is trying to gain her power for her life, too busy to be nervous about other bunnies.
It’s quite different from the last one month, so now we believe she will recover soon.
We still don’t know why she had complicated problems after spay operation.
One possibility is, as we expected, she lost good balance of hormone since she was pregnant.
However, after one-day observation, I doubt another possibility of her difficulty of urination.
Since we worried her too much(she is a “hoydenish” girl) we put her in 25cm x 40cm x 22cm carry cage to restrict rush movement. Although she is a dwarf bunny, this hard-to-walk cage might give pressure and cause swelling on her bottom part of berry internally.
We did it from our experience of her mother Ethel (she looked so painful and hardly move around after spay operation) and estimated that anyway Petit will take a few days until she can move around. One difference we didn’t realize is that Ethel is one size bigger bunny than Petit and (I guess) has wider urethra.
She lost appetite after a week later from first surgery, until then, we released her at 4th day after operation but put her back to small carry cage again after 5th day since she was too nervous about neighboring bunnies.
Around 5th day, we noticed her appetite were not recovering as we expected, (but we didn’t take it so seriously since anyway she was eating), and she stopped to eat at 7th day.


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